Glad You’re Here

 Russell and Liz by name
closeup of Russell and Liz

  • Vocals, Guitar and Mandolin
  • Performing Classic Popular Songs
  • All Styles, All Ages, All Acoustic
  • Music for Every Occasion

Our duo was formed in Richmond, Virginia, in 1996 and performs locally at clubs, restaurants, special events, weddings and private parties. We perform a wide variety of styles including: standards, pop, oldies, light rock, jazz, country, gospel and folk. Fact is, we just can’t decide which kind we love the best…so we do them all!Our audiences say the blending of male and female voices in clear layered harmonies with the acoustic sound of stringed instruments creates our unique sound. Even if the original version of one of our favorite songs didn’t have a harmony part, we find one that adds beauty and dimension to the tune. And we like to add our own “swing” and rhythm to songs you’ve loved, from the 20’s to today.

You’re just as likely to hear an Indigo Girls composition or an Eagles cover as a Gershwin classic or a Broadway show tune when we perform. We like to keep the program spiced up with a unique selection, and we plan a customized program of music for every engagement.

Liz Nance has sung professionally for over 25 years in North Carolina, Richmond and Washington, DC. Since returning to Richmond in 1994, she formed the duo, appeared in Back to Bacharach and David (a musical revue), released her two CDs, sung as a Section Leader in the Parish and West Gallery Choirs for St. James’s Episcopal Church including a week-long residency at Gloucester and Canterbury Cathedrals in England, and performed frequently as a soloist for weddings. She works as a Finance Associate at Free Agents Marketing.

Russell Lawson has been playing and singing since the 60’s. He composes originals, both secular and sacred, and a number of his tunes evoke his roots in the Charleston, SC, lowlands. He has a small home studio where he records and produces tapes and CDs of his compositions for family and friends. Russell is a member of the Songwriters Guild of America, the Virginia Organization of Composers and Lyricists and the Americana Music Association.  He sings and plays around Richmond with Oak Lane Acoustic Music, Liz Nance, solo or with his best friend, David Berry. He sang in the Bass section of the West Gallery Choir at St. James’s Episcopal Church for 19 years and is a member of the choir’s Guitar Ensemble. Russell is a Director of Communications for St. James’s Episcopal Church.